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Financial Wellbeing and Financial Education

Free Financial Health Check

Book your 30 minute “financial guidance” zoom session with one of our friendly Financial Coaches.  They’ll take you through our goal mapper app, where you’ll learn more about:

  • Your Financial Health (with results)
  • Your Future Retirement Spending and Pathway
  • Your Financial Goals (and achieving them)

You’ll receive a free report afterwards summarising your “goals roadmap”, along with really helpful information about financial planning and steps you might want to take to improve your financial situation.   

If you like us and see value – we’ll then get to work on creating your super low-cost tailored report with our pension, investment and protection recommendations, designed specifically for you. It’s only £100 for the report (and an additional £200 per old pension policy you ask us to research).

Financial Wellbeing for your Workforce

Money worries and financial planning can cause a lot of stress for people. Wherever you are in your career, whether you’re a business owner or an employee starting out, Ammonite has a free financial wellbeing offering that makes sense.

If you’re interested in improving the financial wellbeing of your team, we can help.  We’ll take your employees through a free Financial Coaching session, empowering them to improve their financial health, learn more about basic financial planning tools, and reduce their financial stress. 

To learn more about the importance of Financial Wellbeing in the workforce please take a look at our brochure.  

See why the Ammonite Financial Coaching app is so popular with business managers in charge of the wellbeing of their team.

Download our Brochure

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Along with free Financial Coaching and affordable Financial Advice, we feel Financial Education for all is essential. This is why we’ve partnered with Savvney to help promote financial wellbeing across families and businesses, all over the UK.

Financial Education from Savvney

Savvney is a social enterprise set up as a community interest company.  Savvney’s goal is to help people in the UK achieve financial wellbeing and has developed signature financial education video courses including:

Financial Resilience Booster

Designed for working folk, with a specific focus on the post-COVID economic downturn, this course helps you and your family weather the economic downturn better.

Financial Wellbeing Essentials

Designed by young adults for young adults aged 16-24, this course teaches college, university and those starting out in the world of work how to win with their money.

  • The Savvney courses will build your financial capability and teach you how you can make money work for you.
  • You will develop the financial confidence to make the right decisions as you take back control of your finances.
  • You will enjoy how it breaks down and unpacks even the most complex topics.
  • Seeing and hearing ordinary people openly discuss how they are applying these financial principles, brings it all to life and keeps it practical.
  • The Savvney courses walk you through exactly what you need to build financial resilience and you set your own pace.
  • The courses are easy to follow with high-quality engaging video content, which is available online, on any device, at any time.

Use this special coupon for Ammonite clients to receive a discount on the Savvney courses

  • NSKC8G2R – Financial Resilience Booster – Full Course 1.0 for £45.00 (RRP £61.00) – save 27%
  • MDTGQN6X – Financial Wellbeing Essentials – Full Course 1.2 for £14.00 (RRP £29.00) – save 52%