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As a team, we are committed to providing the highest quality of financial advice to our clients.

Collectively the senior management team has well over fifty years’ experience in financial services, building long lasting relationships with our clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We place an emphasis on quality, honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Rob Harradine and Caroline Duff IFA Clapham, IFA Waterloo



Caroline has over ten years’ experience in financial advice at firms such as Saunderson House, working with a wide range of private clients.

Caroline is a Chartered Financial Planner with the Chartered Insurance Institute, and is a technical expert in pensions advice.  She has Masters degrees from Oxford University and Kings College London.

Caroline is passionate about making financial advice more accessible and helping everyone to reach their financial goals.



Rob has over fifteen years investment and wealth management experience from the likes of Bloomberg and Barclays Wealth. He is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments.

Rob holds the highly acclaimed Private Client Investment Advice & Management qualification (level 6) and Integrity Matters Certificate.  He also holds the Investment Management Certificate, through the CFA Society.


Head of Paraplanning

Michael has a background in compliance as well as financial advice, having previously worked at the Financial Ombudsman Service assessing the suitability of advice.  He has a passion for ensuring that the advice given to a customer is always what is best for them.

Michael has the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning with the Chartered Insurance Institute. 


Chief Technology Officer

David has more than 10 years of developer experience, having previously been a Senior Developer at HiSky working on their Smartellite Access Portal project in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

David is passionate about technology and robust end-to-end solutions.



Patricia has worked with the HARMONI group who are currently building a spectrograph for the Extremely Large Telescope and with the Engineering department in Oxford. She has a masters degree from the University of Oxford where she specialised in astrophysics.

Patricia is fascinated by problem solving and developing technology that is user friendly and efficient.


Advisory Board Member

Gary was cofounder and chief financial officer at Monzo. He started his career at PwC as a chartered accountant, working in London and Australia, before spending time at a series of major investment banks – including ING, ABN Amro and Japan’s Mizuho Group. Disillusioned with large banks, he decided to turn his hand to start-ups and helped form Monzo in 2015.


Advisory Board Member

Howard co-founded Knomo in 2004. Knomo is a global brand of premium accessories sold into over 40 countries via more than 1,500 retailers. Howard comes from South Africa and lives in London. Prior to Knomo, he was a lawyer in South Africa and an Investment Banker in London, New York and Switzerland. Howard holds an MBA from Instead and has a deep interest in making quality financial planning more widely available.


Advisory Board Member

Chris was a Board Director at Chase de Vere Investments Plc. He was then Managing Director of Savings Champion, a cash deposit and financial information business, now the most quoted and acclaimed commentator in the sector. Chris has a strong interest in environmental issues, and has been a Board Trustee of “Restore our Planet” since 2000.